Gas Check’s Plain Base



The punch threads into the top with a 7/8-14 thread, and the die slides into the ram in place of the shell holder.

They are a single stage process.

They use .008 to .010 aluminum or copper (soft).

Everyone is custom made and tested to ensure quality.

If you do not see your caliber listed, send us a message, we can make it.

we also make them in plain base that uses .004 to .010 aluminum or copper (soft)



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50Cal, 40Mag, 30cal, 458/45R, 45, 223, 303 British, 45 1/2 Jacket, 8mm, 45PB, 45/70, 9mm PB, 7.62×39, 338, 375, 35/357/358/360, 41, 44, 7mm, 270, 6.5mm, 25, 6mm, 257/25 Cal, 22 Cal, 225


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