Welcome to Matteson’s Machine Shop

About Our Staff

Dave & Kim Matteson met at sixteen in vocational school and have been married since 1987.  Dave was in  Mechanics and Kim was in Nursing. 
Dave started in the Aviation field and was lucky enough to work  for Piasecki  Aviation, on their  Heilastate Project, with the schools Co-op program.   After graduation he took a temporary job as a machinest.   He found that he liked it very much and was very good at it.  Some of the parts he made were for the following projects:  the space shuttles, aircraft carriers, space suits, surgical instruments, machines that make computer chips, and laser control panels are just a few.  During that time he started a construction company.  He enjoyed working with his customers to take their idea and turn it into a beautiful addition or change to their homes.  He also  made friends with his customers then, like he still does.   He had the construction company for over 20 years and only closed it when we decided to moved from Delaware to sunny Florida.  He enjoys working with his hands and has always also worked on anything with an engine.  We’ve had several boats including  a 42 foot Chris Craft Commandor that we lived on for two years.  He has taken each one from nothing to make them beautiful.  He has recently started this machine shop to hopefully prepare for an early retirement and to own his own business again.  He is doing this while working full time as a Mechanical Supervisor for a beautiful 18 hole golf course.
Kim started Nursing in Vocational School, however, she quickly found her spot in credit card banking when she found that she didn’t work well with blood.  She spent over 20 years as a sucessful legal arbitration specialist.  She worked for MBNA America who was very big on Customer Service and is still a big advocate for  excellent customer service.  Kim also spent many several years working construction with Dave.  They still have friends in Delaware who started out as Construction customers.  

We offer a range of hand made custom products at an affordable price while maintaining our high quality standards. Dave loves a challenge and can make any part by using your blueprint or working with you to create a custom product.  Chances are someone else can always benefit from a new product


Q. Are they single-stage or two-stage?
A. They are single. pull the handle and a check comes out.

Q. What press will they work in?
A. They will work in any standard reloading press.  The punch threads in the top with 7/8-14 threads and the die fit in place of the shell holder.  Although I find an open-framed single-stage press mounted upside down works great, keep an eye out for my press mounting system that will allow you to rotate your press 180 degrees and back effortlessly. 

Q. What calibers do you make?
A. The standard calibers I make are 22cal to 45 cal but I can custom make any caliber you need.

Q. How do you ship?
A. USPS is our standard shipper, we use them as they are the least expensive and keeps our cost down and allows us to cover shipping but will use another shipper if you chose but you will have to cover shipping.

Q. What is your warranty/guarantee?
A. Each customer is unique and handled differently, if you have a problem please contact us eminently so we can resolve it, if we can not we will ship a new one with a postage-paid envelope to return the one having a bad day.

Q. How do I place an order?
A. If you want a more personal touch and would like to talk to us in person you can place your order with Kim at 239-218-7956 or email at mattesonsmachineshop@gmail.com or through this website.  Feel free to call us with any questions we are more than happy to help out. 

Q. What material do you recommend?
A. The smaller calibers use .008 and the larger calibers use .014.  You can use aluminum or copper flash but make sure it is not hardened. you can anneal it ( I have done it) they can be customized to use different thickness material. when order I will let you know what thickness to use. 

Q. Where do you get your materials?
A. Amerimax flashing works great, you can order from Ace Hardware, on Lowe’s website under building materials you can do a search by thickness, and for large quantities, we use the best material online and for small quantities, we offer bundles pre-cut.

Q. Can I use beer or soda cans?
A. For gas check projectiles the short answer is no. if you can find them of the right thickness then yes but they do work for plain base gas checks.

Q. What other products do you make?
A. We can make just about anything if you have an idea of a tool that would be useful. if we like it we will make it we then offer it to you at a discounted price usually time and material for you to test and evaluate.